4 Tips for Going into Small Business

1. Do a business plan for the right reason.
Most people only write a business plan when they want money. But the top reason to write a business plan is for your own benefit. Lots of people say, “I’ve got it all in my head.” Please get it worked out and do a couple of pages of narrative. Figure out how much money you want to make and how long you expect to stay in the business.

2. Develop your entrepreneurial attitude. 
Work on willingness to take risk and perserverance.

3. Evaluate your business idea carefully.
How can you tell if an idea will make money? By doing the planning, doing the financial projections. For help in this look to the Western Illinois Small Business Development Center.

4. Get out and gather some business intelligence.
Local sales tax goods reports can give you an idea of the current local market in many areas. Want to know the real experience of others? Call competitors and other entrepreneurs. And don’t forget the personal resources, the service providers who support small businesses in your area.


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