County Profile

Below is a list of Hancock County statistics from our most recent Comprehensive Plan completed in 2014. These should prove useful to anyone considering locating their business or family in Hancock County.


Population Traits

Total: 19,104 People (year 2010)

Median Age: 44.6


Housing Traits

Total Units: 9,194 units

Households: 8,101 units


Income and Employment Traits

2001 Personal Income per Capita: $24,270 (Illinois Average: $33,232)

2011 Personal Income per Capita: $35,144 (Illinois Average: $43,721)

Personal income in Hancock County is growing faster than the state average.

February 2014 Unemployment Rate: 10.6%


Top Ten Employers in 2010: Employees

Memorial Hospital: 208

Hancock County: 153

CVS/Professional Swine Management: 140

W.L. Miller Gray Quarries: 120

Southeastern School District: 97

Hamilton School District: 95

Dadant and Sons: 90

Warsaw School District: 77

Laharpe School District: 76

Dallas City School District: 64


Retail Sales in 2012

Total: $112,310,516

Retail Categories by Percentage of Total

Automotive and Filling Stations: 45.3%

Food: 16.4%

Agriculture: 13.2%

Drugs and Miscellaneous: 9.1%

Drinking and Eating Establishments: 7.6%

Lumber, Building, and Hardware: 5%

Manufacturers: 1.8%

Furniture, Household, and Radio: 1%

Apparel: .3%

General Merchandise: .3%