Economic Development Acronyms

No matter what profession we’re in we are exposed to commonly used acronyms that us and other people in our profession commonly use. We spend so much time immersed in our own worlds that we forget that some of our terms may seem like a foreign language. Economic development is no different, and with all the updates being posted on this blog I thought it may be helpful to lay out a few of our commonly used acronyms.

A.B.C. – Augusta Business Committee

C.C.D.C. – Carthage Community Development Committee

C.E.O. – Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities

C.I.D.C. – Carthage Industrial Development Committee

D.C.E.O. – Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity

G.R.E.D.F. – Great River Economic Development Foundation

H.C.D.C. – Hamilton Community Development Committee

H.C.E.D.C. – Hancock County Economic Development Corporation

I.I.R.A. – Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs

S.B.D.C. – Small Business Development Center

W.I.E.D.A. – Western Illinois Economic Development Authority

W.I.R.C. – Western Illinois Regional Council

W.I.T.S. – Western Illinois Technology Services


Feel free to comment below with some of the acronyms from your profession!