Growing a stronger region in West Central Illinois

The mission of the Hancock County Economic Development Corporation is to enhance the economic vitality of Hancock County.



The Hancock County Economic Development Corporation is a not-for profit, public corporation with investors from the public and private sectors working to make Hancock County, Illinois a place of prosperity. As a prospective place to live, work, or start a business, Hancock County has much to offer.

There are 73 miles of railroad in Hancock County and our western border is 44 miles of Mississippi riverfront with locations ripe for development. If you couple that with the Chicago-Kansas City highway running through our county and the short distance to fives cities with a variety manufacturers (Burlington, IA; Fort Madison, IA; Keokuk, IA; Macomb, IL; and Quincy, IL), you’ll find that Hancock County has great transportation potential.

Whether it’s local foods movements or expanding into online commerce, the communities of Hancock County are seeking new ways to tap into our valued traditions of self-reliance, agriculture, and ingenuity. It is the goal of the Hancock County Economic Development Corporation to cultivate the emerging and existing businesses in these communities and, wherever possible, connect them together in county-wide endeavors to create jobs and opportunities for everyone.