May Executive Summary

In order to keep the general public apprised of what the HCEDC is involved in from month, I have decided to make a summary of my Executive Director Report available online. Here it is below. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you’d like more information on some of our projects. Thanks!


Business Visits

  • 9 visits since the strategic plan was adopted on January 27th. That’s 2 ahead of Schedule. Nearly universally, businesses are giving low ratings for quality of employees.
  • We are working with a currently expanding company to assist in hiring new employees and facilitate further expansion.

Succession Planning Workshop

  • This is yet to be scheduled. I have identified specific businesses that should be targeted when putting this together. Businesses have expressed an interest in learning more about this.

E – Commerce Educational Program

  • I have been in communication with tech companies to plan an e-commerce workshop for business owners.

Conduct Ribbon Cuttings and Generate Publicity for Opening Businesses

  • We had a business in LaHarpe open called the Peaceful Heart.

Conduct a Yearly Job Fair for High School Students

  • I worked with WIB to put together a job fair for Southeastern High School. I’ll be picking up those applications on Thursday.

Partner with WIB in Implementing Programs to Fill Positions

  • We are engaged in trying to fill positions created by a recent expansion.

Make Commercial Properties Available on LOIS

  • I have a LOIS account set up. Finding properties is a bit tough.

Use the MTC Study to Apply for Fiber Optic Grants

  • After speaking with a fiber optic consultant, we are looking at a process where we can hopefully get the lines ran to schools using specific money they have for tech upgrades. I have reached out to Nauvoo, Hamilton, and Warsaw. I think it may be a good idea to arrange for the consultant to attend a superintendents’ meeting.

Help Raise Funds for the Community Fund

  • We did well at the end of last year, but it tapered off. I haven’t been pushing it because CEO funds are currently more pressing.


Post Weekly Blog Entries

  • I think posting our minutes and/or a sanitized version of my report would be a good addition.

Issue Quarterly Reports to Hancock County Business Associations

  • I have been able to reach Carthage Chamber regularly and have arranged to make it to the others in the near future.

Newsletter Update

  • The spring newsletter will go out soon.

Engage in Regular Communication with Hancock County Board and Other Local Officials

  • I will be making it around to all the city councils in the next two months.

LaHarpe Mapping

  • Town Clean-up was May second.

Dinner with Dustin

  • Positive response is coming in.

Mock Interviews for Hamilton 8th Graders

  • Workforce Investment Board and I to put something together. It went well and looks to become a yearly event.

Moving Forward

  • CEO Program
  • Fiber Optic Infrastructure
  • Invoices will go out June 1st