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Thank You Thursday

On this Thank You Thursday I'd like to take time to recognize the amazing team of people that are working diligently to help HCED gather information, offer their expertise, and plan for the future of our county. As you may have heard, a group of us are working on Broadband Breakthrough, a broadband infrastructure planning program. The goal is to be prepared to apply for grants that will be offered in the coming months from both the state and federal government.

Our team consists of a variety of businesses and organizations like WIRC, WIEC, Hancock County Farm Bureau, MTC, Illini-West HS, Full Speed, Carthage Veterinary Service & Professional Swine Management, Nauvoo Chamber, Carl Sandburg College, Memorial Hospital, and the Hancock County Board.

The team is currently focused on getting as many of our surveys completed as possible. The data from these surveys will help us prove the need for dollars to be spent in Hancock County toward rural broadband. This is a long arduous process but one we're all willing to take on to help every resident be better connected.

Please take this 3-5 minute survey:

If you have more than one connection (work, community building, farm, home, etc.) please take it from each location that has a separate service. If your service isn't strong enough to take or send the survey, you can just put 0's in the speed question and submit the survey from a different location where service is available.

The help of our team and this amazing community are what make these things work and I can't thank everyone enough!

Thank you,

Sam Harnack Executive Director Hancock County Economic Development 217-440-8909

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