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Warsaw Chamber

30 years or so ago Warsaw's Chamber of Commerce disbanded. I don't have a clear understanding as to why but that isn't what's important. What is important is that a dedicated group of business owners are working to bring it back! This month will mark the first time the Warsaw Chamber will be meeting in more than 30 years and it's definitely news worthy. The plan is to have a traditional Chamber format with growth in mind. The charge is being led by a small group of business owners with the full support of The City of Warsaw which I think is a winning combination.

As you may guess, Chamber organizations don't happen over night. The group has been discussing it for more than a year (WGEM's Dylan Smith covered this last July) and have worked hard to get everything they need to achieve success. I find myself grateful to have been invited to some planning meetings to help shape the future of the new Chamber.

Look for new events and membership opportunities coming soon at

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